This area gives an overview of my art practice between 2015 and 2018. It contains community work, public art and performances.

I have been able to work with others on MISSION 21: Hand in hand into active participation. This was a mentoring program, where young artists and youth (age 13 – 24 years) interacted with an out of the box approach. Generally discussing social issues. With this project I have become one of the winners of the 2017 Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AEIF), a funding competition the US government provides for alumni of professional exchange programs. This award led us to work together and individually during a year, to experience the rights of culture and freedom of expression.

  Exhibition “where youth and artist come together”, November 2018


I am known for working with communities. Especially youth are fascinating to me. Collaborating with communities as professional artist gives me the opportunity to exchange with others, and to promote Surinamese art. Besides my love for learning and teaching, social engagement is important in my work.

Performance and Art Installation “Theo Masrakaba”, July 2018


My focus on agency is to move from identity to subjectivity. In this way I work with less privileged communities, to provide social and cultural capital. It is also a way to educate myself in different ways to deal with violence.

Public Art with community in Pucallpa (Peru @ Centro Selva), August 2017


Questions about violence are creating changes in my work, based on materials and context. My focus is to work with others to create objects, workshops, exhibitions and performances that highlights the ethics and aesthetics of social and technical interactions between people. Furthermore, I am led to innovative and imaginative potential by the work and through interacting. Together we create pragmatic, emotional and ethical tensions. Furthermore, it is important that art participates in a public debate that appeals to an international audience.

A six weeks residency program at Arquetopia in Peubla, Mexico, brought me in an environment with academics. The insights seminars provided me during this program, became a fundamental to develop my art practice academically as well.

Self Guidance Project in Puebla (Mexico @ Arquetopia), June 2017


A culture-critical arrangement is necessary. I belief that god makes an individual passive, while art is a stimulus of active participation. However, I create and exchange views on participation from different perspectives. This way I can learn how to strengthen my performances of leadership. A fundamental I have started with passion. In recent years I have extended my art practice with creative writing. This way I can use story to reach an audience with the critical approach in art works.


Theater Performance “Pur Blaka”, produced by Tolin Alexander, May 2017