KOIWARA is agriculture’s small preparation. This process is a family’s ritual: re-burning wood piles of insufficiently burned tree trunks and branches. Koiwara takes place after the community have taken care of the larger preparation, known as Moshiro. Both are traditions of the Kalinia indigenous tribe.

“When I walk with you, you walk with I”

I call this game “I kroywara I”. This idea is inspired by “koiwara”, the technological approach of those aware that our planet is conscious. It’s also the concept of limited damage for long-term effects. This dance, between culture and nature, follows up after two solo exhibitions with focus on contradictions: in 2010 with contrast, and in 2012 with harmony. My art practice is based on this psychological experiment, a game that allows me to reflect on violence in such a way that it transforms into strength. “I kroywara I” represents the conviction, that one can act in such a way that others are given room to grow.


A mentoring project, MISSION 21: Hand in hand into active participation, for teenagers and artists to interact during a year between November 2017 to November 2018. Project focused on personal issues of participants. During execution, the arts are used for “invisible dialogues”, to stimulate participation through the right on freedom of expression as an investment to build resilient communities.

During AISA AYA, where I have been artist in residency in Mexico and Peru, I interacted with international artists and indigenous communities in 2017. This proposal was pre-selected for “Bienalsur2017”. Even though I didn’t become a finalist, I continued with this idea.

In 2017, I finished the trilogy KROYWARA through coaching of “Shrijversvakschool Paramaribo”. I started to write it as participant of the “Nyun Sten Fesital in Paramaribo in 2016. The first part ‘Pur Blaka” was directed by Tolin Alexander and performed during the 180 years celebration of Suriname’s National theater Thalia in 2017. 

“I kroywara I” refers to the transformation of violence: strength. Conversations based on it will most definitely help us to thrive.