All colors are sweet

Seen through the glasses of teenagers in children’s homes 

“To change, we need to get together and talk. If we understand ourselves and work towards it… then there will be a change.” A group of girls from SISWA TAMA and a mix of boys and girls from SARON took me into their party between November 7th and December 19th. These teenagers – of two children’s homes in Paramaribo – have fed me with what I brought them weekly. This time ‘Our Environment’ is on the menu. During these 5 weeks, they engaged twice a week with Miguel Keerveld (known as EdKe and EzinomraH).

The fun begins and twice a fight. But Yah! Once it gets too busy – or we cannot tolerate each other – we take up a minute of complete silence. After that, we go back and continue to bring the other in our world and vice versa. We are children and also hit the child in our coach and some of our supervisors. There is magic. When the first part finishes, most of us like to continue and experience more of it. Everything we do leads to something.

Drawings, showing a cadence of nature and culture, tell you something. We dare to think about Suriname after 40 years : special flags and even skyscrapers. We see our stories when we walk into the second part. It is really our own thing. Some of us also dare to tell the public what we experienced. Others perhaps took the opportunity to take photos with the new U.S. Ambassador in Paramaribo. At the exhibition “Ripple Effect” a visitor hears two people talking about some of our flags “that cannot be done.” EdKe shrugs and EzinomraH has a mysterious smile. The same as when one of us concludes during the evaluation: “It was fun and educational. Only I think it was not good when you mock my god.”

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We listened, drew, watched videos and heard about the effects on the environment. Furthermore about the consequences for humans, animals and plants. In between we alternated with pictures of and talked about art, presented ourselves and our work, painted and got to know each other better. Thus, we mold ourselves a picture of some things. Sharing our message about protecting the environment did us good. Can we conclude that we were playful but seriously philosophizing? Yes … we dared alone and together. There was exchange of information between us. And we learned from it. We also took in between roads that took us to things we do not always talk about easily. When it did not work for some of us, we wrote it down. What if we continue this event together with other young people, who live at home with mom and dad? Then we can tell more stories about the rainbow of the future. This part of our story ends with the presentation at the second part: “Now the water is expensive… today to pay the water bill, because we are only playing with water.”

Tumpi Flow – on behalf of the children of both homes.

Published in newsletter of Suriname America Almuni Association | April 2016