I am NOT a politician

Just imagine… At the moment she groans of pain, annoying news crawls to the community. In the same house, where babies are flowing from their mother’s womb, a lot of men have arrived in black bags. How will it be for all these children later? There is a lot of panic nearby! Fear in particular, reigns supreme. While new life swims into this strange world, those suffocating corpses arrive in the same room. So many dead bodies, as hot as coal.

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Ceremonie, juni 2012

Two tragedies go hand in hand. One innocent, and one ‘shocking’. The latter is now known as: how men of revolution were brutally killed. Their opponents, who still want people to have no criticism, do everything to avoid resilience of communities. Distributing school packages is just one method. To fool people in this way, it can not even be compared to work of darkness. Because darkness can also be very beautiful. It is only to be hoped, that nature will not select you as a perpetrator of such dirty things. Oh no! How can one do this? A small group from the armed forces did. I believe that they should not be able to make a record in our near history. Yet, I can not imagine animals help others to escape their fate in such a way.

I am still in that smell of the dead. Something that has been nailed into our collective memory. Or not, as I could not imagine yet? How can I expect people in Suriname, to understand something of freedom? Perhaps this tragedy is why those cowards can play with current generation in peace. What I imagine very well, is that those traumatized children do not understand their fate. Because they were one in a room with soured bodies. For god! There were dead washed up in the hospital where my mother has also gave birth 35 years ago. Soldiers have put everything on their feet with their bestiality. This is why I think that in Suriname, leadership it usually still runs as if a military platoon is being conducted. How can I determine something else, if a state woman literally and openly threatens teachers? ‘Look, although I think “weave” of some people is a lot of spill, it is up to everyone to do what they want with their money”, is the only thing left to say at this stage.

I only imagine it: that my soul knows very well. Perhaps for that reason, I not only have an aversion to armed power, but I think that political governance is an uprooted darkened divinity. A little bit of curiosity brings everyone who wants to know, to those stories of that political school. As I see it now and around me, their are also a lot of myths too. In addition, many people do explain bullshit, during which could be seen as a water-dry cocktail moment with family and/or friends. People defend the regime in such a way that I think: “What unimaginable drunken idiots? Who adopt a bunch of stinking birds of prey?” I wonder what people still see in democracy today? Parliamentarians who pretend they do not know better. Very likely with the aim of keeping the herd from the transformation that nature has in store. Meanwhile I know for sure, no man – armed or not – will win from mother nature. Look at the evidence yourself, as the boss himself predicted his own insomnia.

Fortunately I also see a bit of hope. It might go a little too slow. What happens elsewhere in this world, as far as the established order is concerned, is certainly not beautiful. The balance of everything: it is perhaps the last quarter for the political elite. Anyone who follows international politics a little better than I do, probably realizes that time has already turned around. I would rather close my ears and eyes, for what we still have to witness today. Yet I’m sure, another generation will come to let us thrive. Young people are already convincing me, that they can do absolutely better. I see some of them sprouting now, which stirs up a bit of hope inside of me. How I pronounce this hope: that those old animals are quickly drowning. I prefer that, rather then polluting my tongue on debating with a bunch of unsalted puppet puppets. Only, sometimes it does happens to me… I suddenly feel that my fingers itch, or my brain tickles. Therefore, I rather shove some stuff through the stomach of newcomers using the arts.

Because children are hopeful. You should let them do what and when they want. With pleasure I prefer to sign the passport of free spirits, so that they can shape their own lives as god themselves. Because I have such a plague to all those stupid people at the top. This means that state’s woman – the one of Education, Culture and Science – must be particularly involved. Not with someone else’s spending pattern, or that game with which His Excellency has filled her up. I dream of everybody being able to cram government from all freedom. At least: to be able to process our own “mental disorder” together.

Actually, I do not want to talk about government… or about this country anymore. The cursed ones! Since we all are still processing, I have no choice. This is how I want to imagine: contributing to the power of time. In any case, I want something else to slowly germinate us here. Completely different! Something from that very harmful weed. Right here, on the Surinamese soil.