Apotheosis, 2017

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In 2017 I traveled from Suriname to Mexico and Peru as artist in residence. From the interactions I had… I am processing ‘A manual’ that does not exist. We can see: that it’s possible to create awareness through the arts to reinforce communities together.



To build 3 similar but different public artworks, that represents the pride for different beliefs in the America as one culture. This evidence, a concept of similarity within unique artworks, can remind us all.

It is ‘ just FOCUSING’ on unity. Therefore every unique part becomes one artwork. This documentation of conscious conversations (e.g. between communities and artists) can lead us all to a new way of being in connection with planet earth.


Oneness of participation, spirituality and psychology can work like a bridge between individuality and community. Our differences are brought together, with respect to one purpose: to honor our planet as one. Remember: we are just one part of her aura.