Arquetopia’s 10th Anniversary Award

This mentoring program offers a sustainable model for art practitioners through a comprehensive platform for career development, including mentoring and professional expertise, international residencies, exhibitions, and other professional opportunities. The program is structured in a 12- to 18-month period in which artist will set long-term career goals, create a business plan, and develop an art project with a critical methodology. Link to Outstanding Arquetopia Alumni

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I kroywara I

KOIWARA is agriculture’s small preparation. This process is a family ritual: re-burning wood piles of insufficiently burned tree trunks and branches. Koiwara takes place after the community have taken care of the larger preparation, known as Moshiro. Both are traditions of the Kalinia indigenous tribe.

I kroywara I: when I walk with you, you walk with I

This is a concept of limited damage for long-term effects. A dance, between culture and nature. It follows two exhibitions with focus on contradictions: in 2010 as contrast, and in 2012 as harmony. “I kroywara I” is a psychological experiment that reflects on violence in relation to power.



Between 2016 and 2017, I produced the trilogy KROYWARA through coaching of “Shrijversvakschool Paramaribo”. The scripts reflect on problems of nationalism. Transformation of leadership is a metaphorical body for the catharsis that a fabricated nation is facing. The first script – a conversation about the politics of practice in relation to class – was awarded and performed in May 2017 in Suriname.

AISA AYA was a project to research indigenous myths in the America’s during 4 months in 2017. I focused on the question How do different belief systems in South and North America function in relation to knowledge? The research took place as artist in residency, through collaborations with (indigenous) communities and (international) artists. My intention was to reflect on objects that represent pride of the America’s and create documents that symbolize a space for representation.

From November 2017 until November 2018, teens and (emerging) artists interacted through MISSION 21: Hand in hand into active participation. This mentoring project functioned as a vehicle for conversations on public secrets. In general, it promoted participation, the right on freedom of expression, and building of resilient communities.