Causes of problems are my fascination. Through interest in socially engaged research, and focus on complex challenges, I want to encourage dialogue on public secrets, subjectivity, agency, and the politics of participation. My starting point is a lack in societal structures.

I am a Certified Intuitive Coach. Through the “Academy for Intuitive Coaching and Development Suriname” (AICOS), I was mentored. This way I have found synergy within myself. My practice is based on using creative skills, to stimulate and promote sustainable development. That is why I am also an IRCA Certified Lead Auditor for ISO 9001 & ISO 14001. In this role I evaluate and rate management systems. In addition, I am involved with design, implement and maintenance of quality assurance systems. My career started with JCI Suriname. I was a member between 2002 – 2014, and have learned how to work together to create positive change, while working on personal development as well. This organization offered me opportunities in the areas: individualism, community, internationalism and business development.

Video Credits: Jurgen Lisse, 2010

“When I walk with you, you walk with I”. This idea is entitled “I kroywara I“. After two solo exhibitions with focus on contradictions (in 2010 with contrast and in 2012 with harmony), my current work is based on a psychological experiment. Through this concept, I am able to reflect on violence in such a way that it transforms into strength. “I kroywara I” represents my conviction, that one can act in such a way that others are given room to grow. Some highlights are:

  • A mentoring project, entitled MISSION 21: Hand in hand into active participation, of interaction between teenagers and emerging artists interact. This project focus’ on discussions Public Secrets, issues within the Surinamese society. During execution, the arts are used for “invisible dialogues”, and to stimulate participation through the right on freedom of expression. Also to invest in building resilient communities.
  • AISA AYA is a project where I travel from Suriname to Mexico and Peru as artist in residency, to create public art while interacting with other artists and indigenous communities. This concept was pre-selected for “Bienalsur2017”. However, it did not become one of the winning proposal at the end.
  • A theater trilogy entitled KROYWARA, inspired by the interaction with Surinamese professional artist. The scripts that I’ve written between 2016 – 2016, while being coached by “Shrijversvakschool Paramaribo”, capture my own practice for freedom of speech, to raise awareness that can contribute to resilience in Suriname.

My assumption is that most of our interpretation of capitalism, such as religion and democracy, have become problematic. To meet this challenge, I use the arts. By 2020 I am participating in international activities as artist.

Miguel Keerveld (click for online resume)