NEGROWHITE – Identity & Image took place at the Open Air Museum Nieuw Amsterdam in Commewijne (SR). Curated by Miguel Keerveld, this reflection was visible between June 26 and August 29, 2010, taking spectators along in a search of pushing boundaries. We often doubt whether we make the right choices. Is a decision correct, if it feels right, if it is certain, or if it gives security?

In the cells of this former prison, I have presented artworks based on thinking beyond borders. Self-reflecting and pushing borders have been essential in my philosophies. To quote EdKe: “(…) Suriname, a young nation, is a developing country with challenges and possibilities. This dynamic environment encourages me to seize these opportunities and follow my dreams. With self-confidence, I will reach what I want to be. My work is an invitation for those who want to take the trouble to see at the world through my eyes. (…)”