As people still use the tarot to have their questions answered, in COUP 22 the tarot is EdKe’s intention for reflection. Therefore, he uses the power of creative documentation as mechanism.

In this manifestition process, EdKe is relating ​​the notion of tarot to ancient masks. In genaral, he consider masks to be metaphors for psychological games. COUP 22 is space in time that allows intervention through symbolic systems. In this sense, the process have been mining material through interaction within different communities between 2015 and 2018. This way, the material – such as remains of painted canvas, paper (colored & painted), and textiles – consist of a curriculum vitae. Each document is a metaphor that is part of a network. As a component in the community of production of these collages and paintings, EdKe is focusing on a de-individualization strategy based on the idea: ‘l’ do not exist. 

Documents are produced in sets of 22. This refers to the Great Arcana related to the tarot. A game dating back to the 15th century. However, this number also reminds EdKe of connectivity with his ancestors.