As people still use the tarot to have their questions answered, COUP 22 activates reflection. In this process, EdKe uses the systematic ‘power’ of the tarot game as a pedagogy for cultural intervention. This depicts the strength of creative therapy.

T​his notion of the tarot is in relation with ancient masks. Masks are considered objects for psychological games. In this pursue, COUP 22 is a symbolic system that creates space for manifestation of communal strength. Encounters between 2015 and 2020 have been mining ‘places’ in the process. This object/subject relation, that consist of creative documents and knowledge, provides ‘material’ with curriculum vitae. Documentation based on the complexity of networks. EdKe’s focus is a de-individualization psychology based on the idea: ‘l’ do not exist. 

Documents are produced in sets of 22. This refers to the Great Arcana related to the tarot. A game dating back to 15th century Europe. At the same time, the process is based on knowlegde systems of EdKe’s ancestors.