SHEMACHO – I challenge I at De Hal in Paramaribo (SR) was co-curated with Kurt Nahar. The conversation took place between December 21 – 24, 2012, with artists encountered during a curatorial workshop by Dutch Design a view weeks before. As reflective process, this manifestation challenged the relationship between identity and image as invitation to see the world through Miguel’s eye, in which expression belong to Time, Space and Spirit

I believe that a focus on extremes is not only an urge, but an inner strength. However, this strength is weak in my philosophy. The image and my identity are guiding this focus. This notion is a struggle, to find harmony between I and I related to the argument: “Perfection is worth pursuing but not my intention. To stir divine and evil, my culture relates to imperfections that exist in every vibration of nature. Therefore, those who are open to see, are able to experience both god and its shadow.”