A trilogy

KROYWARA refers to process’ short-term effects of damage. A fabricated phenomenon that happens every 52 years, to transforms violence into strength. This is a stage of transcendence.

A soul that is transformed into nothingness wants a new leadership to be born. Religion, politics and ethnicity are problematic in this trilogy that displays the transformation of individuality through life, death and rebirth. The plots are as follow:

  1. Boni, one under the dead, mysteriously embarrassed Anna as part of a plan with his wife. When Anna becomes aware of this plan, she decides to commit suicide.
  2. Anna protects her foster son Theo, and wants him to become aware of his African roots, but Monno – another guardian angel of Theo – finds that wrong.
  3. Theo is convinced that he is god and is working on a manual, while Sophie is doing everything to make him understand that guidelines are useless at this time.

We have lost ourselves in old beliefs, which make us deny ourselves. Therefor we are in search of our unique form to thrive.