A trilogy

KROYWARA refers to process’ short-term effects of damage. A fabricated phenomenon that happens every 52 years, to transforms violence into strength.

A soul, transforming into nothingness, aims for rebirth of new leadership. Class, race, religion, politics and nationalism in general are problematic. This trilogy depicts transcendence through life, death and rebirth with the following plots:

  1. As part of a plan, Boni and Lisa embarrass Anna. Despite anything, Anna should be aware and cooperate with this plan.
  2. Anna protects Theo, her foster son, and wants him to be aware of his African roots. However, Monno – another guardian angel of Theo – think of this to be wrong.
  3. Theo is convinced to be god. While he is working on a manual, Sophie does everything to make him understand that his guidelines are useless.

We have lost ourselves in old beliefs that denies ourselves. Therefor, we are in search.