KROYWARA is one of many names used by several ethnical groups in Suriname, for the process wherein woodpiles of insufficiently burned tree trunks and branches are further burned. This is the preparation of agriculture, and refers to process’ short-term effects of damage to nature. Even though damage takes place, the ground becomes more fertile.

KROYWARA, a theater trilogy:

A soul that is transformed into nothingness wants a new leadership to be born. Religion, politics and ethnicity are problematic in this trilogy that displays the transformation of individuality in Suriname through life, death and rebirth. This takes place through the following plots:

  1. Boni, one under the dead, mysteriously embarrassed Anna as part of a plan with his wife. When Anna becomes aware of this plan, she decides to commit suicide.
  2. Anna protects her foster son Theo, and wants him to become aware of his African roots, but Monno – another guardian angel of Theo – finds that wrong.
  3. Theo is convinced that he is god and is working on a negro bible, while Sophie is doing everything to make him understand that a Bible is useless at this time.

Story line
The stories Pur Blaka, Tintin Pesepese and Drai Baka form the trilogy KROYWARA, in which the living and the dead meet each other as follow:

  1. Pur Blaka
    Boni and Lisa, two souls under the dead, need Anna for their plan of new leadership. As part of this plan Anna, who is a poor girl living on the Rottenweg, experiences a pregnancy that can not be proven by doctors. She regularly dreams about the goast Monno, who brings her insights about new leadership. This causes Anna to end up in an existential crisis.
  2. Tintin Pesepese
    The deceased Anna meets Monno in the dead empire. These twin souls are the guardian angels of Theo, Anna’s foster son. Both guardian angels of Theo have a different opinion about his life. Theo is a parliamentarian and a strict Christian. He fears that his secret can have negative impact on his career. Boni, who has become nothingness, appears as a spirit on Theo, Anna and Monno to make sure that Theo, his own twin soul, evolves as well.
  3. Drai Baka
    In the psychiatric institution in which Theo is housed, he is working on a negro bible. In this way he wants to influence Negroes to get out of a long-term victim role. The nurse Sophie is interfering with this plan. She thinks that a bible is not convenient nowadays, and that the problem increases if one only take the negro’s perspective in consideration. That is why she does everything she can to help Theo to get out of his rescuers role.

We have lost ourselves in old beliefs, which make us deny ourselves. Therefor we are in search of our unique form to thrive.

The meaning of KROYWARA in this story:
A fabricated phenomenon that happens every 52 years, and transforms violence into strength. When it occurs, there is great drama. This drama is necessary so that the souls in the story can thrive: a fundamental need for the evolution of citizenship, and for the nation’s adolescence. KROYWARA is thus a bridge in the transformation of being.