MISSION 21 (2018)

MISSION 21 – hand in hand into active participation. This pilot project took place within the context of a yearlong of various creative activities started with 5 artists and 130 young people (aged 13 to 24). During the project, 22 teens were selected to encounter with 8 artists and 2 counselors between November 2017 and November 2018, and with approx. 24 youth in prison for 5 weeks guided by two mentors. The goal was to discover the strength of the Self. Through workshops related to four art forms and on the theme “Who Am I”, a total of 10 artists worked within their own discipline with these youth.

This project was made possible financially, thanks to: Alumni Engagement and Innovation Fund 2017, awarded to Miguel Keerveld, SuAid (Suriname), and museum Villa Zapakara, De HAL, and Nilsprint N.V.