NEGROWHITE – Identity & Image

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On 26 June 2010, a solo exhibition by EdKe opened at the Open-Air Museum “Fort Nieuw Amsterdam”. In the cells of this former prison, my works were presented under the title NEGERWHITE – identity & image.

Inspiration came from philosophizing across the border, and the contrast between identity and image. Self-reflecting and pushing these borders have been influencing me, in finding balance.

With these art works, I’ve challenged others to see themselves in contrast to the image the people have of them. A person’s self-image is strengthened by being positive in that contrast. Identity & image together form Being. The aim of the exhibition was to make people aware: showing mutual respect enriches Being.

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This exhibition took spectators along, in finding a balance in pushing boundaries in the choices we all make. We often doubt whether we make the right choice. Is a choice correct, if it feels right? If it is certain? If it’s good? If it feels for sure?

Like everyone else, I also make choices. Choosing for my creative ability, is choosing for less certainty; sometimes a struggle between choosing for freedom or bonding, dynamics or stagnation, feeling or imitating, entrepreneurship or waiting, independence or dependence.

NEGROWHITE was also a representation of the way EdKe sees the world. We can only really see each other if we take the trouble to see the world through each other’s eyes.

To quote EdKe:

“(…) Suriname, a young nation, is a developing country with opportunities and possibilities. This dynamic environment encourages me to seize those opportunities and go for my dreams. With self-confidence, I will reach the place where I want to be. My work is an invitation for those who want to take the trouble to look at the world through my eyes. (…)”

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impression of art works, paintings presented @ NEHROWHITE