Pur Blaka

With the 180 years celebration of the theater company Thalia, my first theater script written in 2016 and entitled Pur’ Blaka, is performed from May 12 to May 14, 2017 in Paramaribo, Suriname. The performance is directed by Tolin Alexander and hosted by artlab.sr Actors: Sarafina Naarden, Anthony Robinson, Brigitta Misiedjan and Dave Simson. Music by Marcha Reumel

This script is product of the ‘2016 Nyun Sten Festival’. Pur’ Blaka, meaning decrease mourning, reveals the reincarnation of Boni’s soul. Boni, is a guerrilla leader that lived during slavery time. His reincarnation progress’ in a mysterious way. He wants to come back through a pregnancy doctors cannot witness, using the 21 year old Anna.

In a second script (witch I work on currently) Boni’s soul is transformed into what is known as Moksha – eternal infinite energy. He influences the realm of life and death. In this play ‘KROIWARA’ is a tool that helps Boni to rejoin both realms.

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Pur’ Blaka performance footage: