An exhibition, curated by Rinaldo Klas, in which EdKe’s spirit manifests itself through:

  • Ada Korbee
  • Alida Neslo
  • Andrea Keays
  • Audry Wajwakana 
  • Britny Riebeek
  • Dakaya Lenz
  • Dave Simson
  • Dèborah Sjak-Shie
  • Dieter Benjamin
  • Digenahro Neyhorst
  • Dhiradj Ramsamoedj
  • Fabian de Randamie
  • Iraida Kowee
  • Kurt Nahar
  • Maikel Austen
  • Miguel’s ouders 
  • Nalini Mahesh
  • Orpheo Robert
  • Purcy Tjin
  • Raynell Vorswijk
  • Senobia Klassie
  • Shaundell Horton
  • Xavier Biekman
  • Zerahja Dest

NET ‘ALENG: You Are NOT Invited! is the last show of three. An exhibition that follows NEGROWHITE: Identity & Image (2010) and SHEMACHO: I challenge I (2012). In this event of abundant love and compelling contradictions, the spirit of the artist has met Others. This presentation includes works that manifest themselves as a democratic form of life-like art, prompted by aesthetic and conceptual considerations as well as politics. For example, EdKe is committed to MISSION 21: a network of artists, counselors and young people. The aim of this exhibition is to avoid polarizing politics and is aimed at a didactic approach that dares to challenge attitudes towards authority. The focus of the works is on blurring the boundaries between the public and the private, for which Miguel refers to Donna Haraway’s A Cyborg Manifesto. The viewer is invited to participate and is challenged to complete the works himself with his own point of view, imagination and actions. This ‘solo’ show deals with political justice, personal limitation and social changeability.

The title of the exhibition is inspired by a song from the Suripop Festival of Suriname in 1994, written by Rein Carrot: Net’Aleng. In the context of this event, Portrait of Tumpi Flow refers to the artist as changeable and transformable.