Creative documentation is my mechanism to reflect since 2004. In 2016, I made a transition by shifting focus from quality assurance to contemporary art. This allows me to focus on research for socio-political interventions. My process promotes change through talent and youth development and aims to contribute to the activation of a ‘new world’. 

My research relates to space and time as not yet colonized and problematizes place and history. In The Climate of History: Four Theses, Dipesh Chakrabarty questions whether globalization and global warming have been born out of overlapping processes to human understanding of the world. Related to this, my research looks at globalization and global warming beyond a nationalist approach. To demonstrate a psychology beyond national identity, this focus relates to a layered project that aims for awareness about socio-ecological change.

As grid for creative production, I have defined the context for my research as I kroywara I: I walk with you, you walk with I. In this sense, I kroywara I is a inter-multidisciplinary concept based on European, African, and Native American technologies that I imagine entangled with other technologies such as Kundalini (an Indian spiritual and supernatural power in humans). This High Level Structure relates to human agency and universal subjectivity, to contribute to an appropriate global vision for the 21st century.

As a philosophy of inclusion, I kroywara I is based on reconceptualized identification. This focus on encounters, based on a spatiality beyond the territorial, is a ‘different’ psychology that aims to contribute to awareness about social change. As reference to Earth’s altering ability, this project is entitled deeep blue