In 2016, I have shifted my focus from quality assurance to the arts. Since then, contemporary art allows me more time and space for social practice. Creative documentation has been my mechanism to reflect since 2004. My projects promote youth and talent development as cultural intervention. At the same time, I am metaphorically activating a ‘new world’. 


CATAPULT Stay Home Artist Residency program – The Caribbean (2020)

Arquetopia International Mentorship Program – MX (2019)

Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AEIF) – USA (2017)

Nyun Sten (New Voices) Award for scriptwriting – SR (2016)

Moengo Festival of Visual Arts: Tembe Fu Libi (Art for Life) – SR (2015)

International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) – USA (2015)



04 weeks contemporary art production, Despina – Rio de Janeiro, BR (2020) | 11 weeks self-guided focus due to COVID-19, to produce a synopsis for a novel – Peubla, MX (2020) | 11 weeks contemporary art research, Uberbau_House – São Paulo, BR (2020) | 06 weeks triple international summer academic program, Arquetopia – Puebla, MX (2019) | 03 weeks art production, Centro Selva Arte y Ciencia – Pucallpa, PE (2017) | 06 weeks special international summer academic program, Arquetopia – Puebla, MX (2017) | 10 weeks Nyun Sten (New Voices) Script Writing Course, – Paramaribo, SR (2016)

Solo Events 

NET’ ALENG: You Are NOT Invited, De Hal – Paramaribo, SR (2020) | SHEMACHO: I challenge I, De Hal – Paramaribo, SR (2012) | NEGROWHITE: Identity & Image, Museum Nw Amsterdam – Commewijne, SR (2010) | Buglahe, Home of ADA in Belwaarde – Commewijne, SR (2009) | Reflection, Hotel Krasnapolsky – Paramaribo, SR (2008)

Group Events 

COUP 22, an intervention during the COVID-19 pandemic (2020) | SOLAR, Casa Franciscana – Mexico City, MX (2019) | Where Young People and Artists Meet, De Hal – Paramaribo, SR (2018) | Centro Selva Arte Y Ciencia’s Exhibition, Ucayali Cultural House – Ucayali, PE (2017) | PUR’BLAKA (theatre play), Theatre Thalia – Paramaribo, SR (2017) |SPONTANE/US, ToriOso/SoupOso/GudrunLLC/FelisaGallery – Paramaribo, SR (2016) | The Ripple Effect, Theatre Unique – Paramaribo, SR (2015) | Tembe Fu Libi, Moengo Festival of Visual Arts – Marowijne, SR (2015) | Sabi Yu Rutu, Youth Centre – Paramaribo, SR (2013) | CONNECTION, Hotel Wyndham Garden – Paramaribo, SR (2013) | Rainforest Art Festival, Fort Zeelandia Museum – Paramaribo, SR (2011) | Summer Art Festival, Noordwijk aan Zee – Noordwijk, NL (2011) | Silent Encounter, Gallery House of Art – Paramaribo, SR (2011) | Suriname Heritage Festival, Open Air Museum Nw Amsterdam – Commewijne, SR (2011) | A la RencontreDel’Art/LaPoudriere – Cayenne, FR (2010) | Art in Motion, Royal House of Art – Paramaribo, SR (2010) | Royal Experience, Hotel Royal Torarica – Paramaribo, SR (2009) | Live Contemporary Art Exhibition, Parochial Building – Paramaribo, SR (2005) | Homage to Erwin de Vries, Ballroom Hotel Royal Torarica – Paramaribo, SR (2004)


Self-guided research combined with Arquetopia’s mentorship, International (2019 – 2021), to develop a sustainable model for art practicing. My focus is on Artist in Residency programs for collaboration. In general, I question existentialism in relation to the mechanical ability of artificial, biological and cosmological structures. A psychological game that denotes ‘the Cosmic View’: a self-developing process as aspect for a transformative system. Through creative documentation of collaborations I develop long-term career goals.

Academy for Counseling and Coaching, SR (2018 – 2020) 2nd year Bachelor’s in vocational training for counselors and coaches in Suriname. Thesis in progress: research of a pedagogic for talent development.

Polytechnic College Paramaribo, SR (2006 – 2014) Bachelor’s Applied Tech: interdisciplinary problem-focused and project-based; 5-year Infrastructure program not finished. No Diploma.

Evening Vocational Technical Education, SR (2002 – 2006) Graduation at the Ministry of Public Affair and Transportation: Asphalt road pavement design as connection for a bridge over the Saramacca canal; 4-year Civil Engineering Program. Diploma Technical High school.

Nola Hatterman Art Academy, SR (2001 – 2004) 4-year Program not finished. 1st Year Certificate

Secondary School, SR (1996 – 2002) Diploma with Mathematics and Physics