In 2016, I have shifted my focus from quality assurance to contemporary art. This transition allows me space-time for social practice. However, creative documentation is my mechanism to reflect since 2004. As interventions to nature and culture, my projects promote talent and youth development. This way, I relate to the metaphorical activation of a ‘new world’. 


CATAPULT Stay Home Artist Residency program – The Caribbean (2020)

Arquetopia International Mentorship Program – MX (2019)

Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AEIF) – USA (2017)

Nyun Sten (New Voices) Award for scriptwriting – SR (2016)

Moengo Festival of Visual Arts: Tembe Fu Libi (Art for Life) – SR (2015)

International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) – USA (2015)



06 weeks contemporary art research artist residency program, Arquetopia – Oaxaca, MX (2021) | 11 weeks self-guided focus due to COVID-19, to produce a synopsis for storytelling – Peubla, MX (2020) | 11 weeks contemporary art research, Uberbau_House – São Paulo, BR (2020) | 06 weeks triple international summer academic program, Arquetopia – Puebla, MX (2019) | 03 weeks art production, Centro Selva Arte y Ciencia – Pucallpa, PE (2017) | 06 weeks special international summer academic program, Arquetopia – Puebla, MX (2017) | 10 weeks Nyun Sten (New Voices) Script Writing Course, – Paramaribo, SR (2016)

Solo Events 

NET’ ALENG: You Are NOT Invited, De Hal – Paramaribo, SR (2020) | COUP 22, an intervention during the COVID-19 pandemic (2020) | SHEMACHO: I challenge I, De Hal – Paramaribo, SR (2012) | NEGROWHITE: Identity & Image, Museum Nw Amsterdam – Commewijne, SR (2010) | Buglahe, Home of ADA in Belwaarde – Commewijne, SR (2009) | Reflection, Hotel Krasnapolsky – Paramaribo, SR (2008)

Group Events 

SOLAR, Casa Franciscana – Mexico City, MX (2019) | Where Young People and Artists Come Together, De Hal – Paramaribo, SR (2018) | Centro Selva Arte Y Ciencia’s Exhibition, Ucayali Cultural House – Ucayali, PE (2017) | PUR’BLAKA (theatre play), Theatre Thalia – Paramaribo, SR (2017) |SPONTANE/US, ToriOso/SoupOso/GudrunLLC/FelisaGallery – Paramaribo, SR (2016) | The Ripple Effect, Theatre Unique – Paramaribo, SR (2015) | Tembe Fu Libi, Moengo Festival of Visual Arts – Marowijne, SR (2015) | Sabi Yu Rutu, Youth Centre – Paramaribo, SR (2013) | CONNECTION, Hotel Wyndham Garden – Paramaribo, SR (2013) | Rainforest Art Festival, Fort Zeelandia Museum – Paramaribo, SR (2011) | Summer Art Festival, Noordwijk aan Zee – Noordwijk, NL (2011) | Silent Encounter, Gallery House of Art – Paramaribo, SR (2011) | Suriname Heritage Festival, Open Air Museum Nw Amsterdam – Commewijne, SR (2011) | A la RencontreDel’Art/LaPoudriere – Cayenne, FR (2010) | Art in Motion, Royal House of Art – Paramaribo, SR (2010) | Royal Experience, Hotel Royal Torarica – Paramaribo, SR (2009) | Live Contemporary Art Exhibition, Parochial Building – Paramaribo, SR (2005) | Homage to Erwin de Vries, Ballroom Hotel Royal Torarica – Paramaribo, SR (2004)


Self-guided research combined with Arquetopia’s mentorship, International (2019 – 2021), to develop a sustainable model for art practicing. My focus is on Artist in Residency programs for collaboration. In general, I question existentialism in relation to the mechanical ability of artificial, biological and cosmological structures. A psychological game that denotes ‘the Cosmic View’: a self-developing process as aspect for a transformative system. Through creative documentation of collaborations I develop long-term career goals.

Academy for Counseling and Coaching, SR (2018 – 2020); two year vocational training for counselors and coaches in Suriname. Thesis in progress: research of a pedagogic model for talent development.

Polytechnic College Paramaribo, SR (2006 – 2014); Bachelor’s Applied Tech: interdisciplinary problem-focused and project-based; 5-year Infrastructure program not finished. No Diploma.

Evening Vocational Technical Education, SR (2002 – 2006), with graduation research at the Ministry of Public Affair and Transportation. Focused on: Asphalt road pavement design as connection for a bridge over the Saramacca canal; 4-year Civil Engineering Program. Diploma Technical High school.

Nola Hatterman Art Academy, SR (2001 – 2004); 4-year Program not finished. 1st Year Certificate

Secondary School, SR (1996 – 2002); Diploma with Mathematics and Physics