SHEMACHO – I challenge I

Through a conversation of self-reflection and the reflective process of what is  happening around me, I am challenging Identity against Image.

“My work is an invitation to see the world through my eye”

The expression that belongs to Time, Place and Spirit. In my philosophy working with extremes is not only an urge, but also my inner strength. However, this strength is also weak in my philosophy. Image and Identity are therefore important in my search and development. My motion became a struggle, to harmonize I and I; the focus on the relation between nature and culture to participate.

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‘I challenge I’; a synthesis of invisible similarity and order with the theme ‘Harmonize’

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“Perfection is worth pursuing but not my intention to stir the divine by evil. Imperfection exists in every vibration of nature. Those who are open are able to experience both God and the Devil.”