As group show SPONTANE|US manifested at restaurant Tori Oso, restaurant Souposo, Gudrun jewelry shop, and Felisa apartments in Paramaribo (SR). This exhibition was curated by the flow’s (tumpi and neimad) and a conversation between the artists Dakaya Lenz, Damien Wolf, Fabian de Randamie, and EdKe; presented between May 20 – 29, 2016. This follows a program at the Academy for Intuitive Coaching and Development Suriname (AICOS), to develop intuitive skills. EdKe: “As an artist you’re ultimately following what you feel”.

The exhibition focused on American indigenous, European, Asian, and African structures, translated into several artworks. Dakaya used forms inspired by Adinkra symbolism from the West African Ashanti culture and for Fabian it was the yoga postures that touches him. Damien Wolf, a make-up artist, and EdKe showed work that resulted from their encounter and fascinations for several indigenous knowledge sausten in the ‘new’ and ‘old’ world that had been for over two years.