• Detail - The Elite Piet 2020

This document (2020) reads as discrete and relates to Black Piet, a Dutch tradition. It presents the manifestation of a possessed body: the performance persona tumpi flow. Alida Neslo’s (SR) ‘Alakondre Manifesto’ and Donna Haraway’s (US) ‘Cyborg Manifesto’ are significant to installation’s imagination to activate a “queen of the imprisoned”. In this pursuit, the document dialogues with the theatre performance ‘Pur’ Blaka’ at the Right About Now Festival in Amsterdam (2020); however, canceled due to COVID-19. As the conclusion of the ‘Nyun Sten’ (New Voices) project (2016) in Suriname based on a script by tumpi flow. This installation aims at challenging hierarchies through disruption, by ‘governing space-time’, ‘altering power structures’ through imagination, and re-contextualize the remembering-forgetting equilibrium. Therefore, this artwork aims at new texts and images of ‘historical’ bodies and present them as ahistorical events.