This document (2020) reads as discrete and relates to Black Piet, a Dutch tradition. It presents the manifestation of a possessed body: the performance persona tumpi flow. Alida Neslo’s (SR) nondiscursive ‘Alakondre Manifesto’ and Donna Haraway’s (USA) ‘Cyborg Manifesto’ are significant to installation’s imagination and activate the “queen of the imprisoned”. In this pursuit, the document dialogues with the theatre performance ‘Pur’ Blaka’ at the Right About Now Festival in Amsterdam (2020); however, canceled due to COVID-19. As the conclusion of the ‘Nyun Sten’ (New Voices) project (2016) in Suriname based on a script by tumpi flow. This installation aims to challenge religious hierarchies through disruption, by ‘governing space-time’, recontextualizing power through the remembering-forgetting equilibrium. Therefore, the installation aims at new texts for ‘historical’ bodies in the present.