Tumpi Flow

In 2012 I decided to be a weirdo. Therefor I created the alter ego “EzinomraH”, the negative version of the concept I believe I am. My positive alter ego has been “EdKe” since 2004. Through the performance persona“Tumpi Flow” both began to cooperate. This experiment have led me to embrace my true passion. 

Knowing my true self,  makes me experience multiple persona’s. Being possessed by this complex concept is a matter of being in the “flow state”. This state of mind, where space and time melt away, has a powerful impact on individuals. It upgrades the brain capacity, creativity, and sharpens one’s focus. As an observant of  MISSION 21 I could witness it on others as well. Processing violence through the “flow state” provides victims a different point of view in their thinking.

To conclude: expending the psychological box we are categorized in, is just nutrition to our soul. This is how one become again where one had started, only completely new.