I am known by the brand EdKe. Through my performance persona Tumpi Flow, I reflect on socio-politics. To develop a sustainable practice my focus is currently on social research in Latin America.  In this sense, I am being mentored by Francisco GUEVARA of Arquetopia Foundation in Peubla, Mexico.

As self-taught artist, I invest in knowledge to practice the arts. Social research is space and time that allow me to promote agency, civic participation and dialogues. Therefore, my artistic intentions are based on a psychological philosophy through which my performance persona and I act. We reflect on the relationship between violence and power. Our discourse is based on I KROYWARA I: I walk with you, you walk with I. Thus, distribution of knowledge through simbolic systems to transform tensions into strength. Especially creative writing allows me to reflect on socio-political issues. 

Art installations have been my conversation space on an external level. On the other hand, paintings, collages and drawings depicted my internal dialogues. Through DEAM Advisory LLC, I have been involved with development and production of creative concepts for companies. DEAM also guided and supported several organizations in Suriname with management system certification. As chairman of Education & Art Foundation, I focused on youth empowerment. Although educated as a civil technical engineer, I have considered myself a social worker in promoting the arts. My mission has been: 

to demonstrate social practice by serving business, social and cultural goals

Generally, my aim is to convert interactions with others – which can also lead to pragmatic, emotional and ethical tensions – into documents with innovative and imaginative possibilities.