‘He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying’

by Friedrich Nietzsche


“EdKe” is my pseudonym. I am a self-taught professional artist, started in 2004.

Between 2015 – 2018, “Tumpi Flow” has been my performance-persona. It led me to demonstrate the politics of participation, based on a psychological and spiritual experiment. “Tumpi” had performed leadership, using the adage: ‘I’ do not exist.

During a decade I had focused on the reason of both life and death. A dialectical approach has always been my starting point. Currently my art practice is based on transforming violence into strength.

While paintings are results of internal dialogues, art installations document conversation on external level. My art practice was extended with creative writing in 2015.

Panel 1


After two dialogues on contradictions – a conversation in 2010 about contrast, and in 2012 about harmony – in this third concept the focus is on synergy. In this ceremony spectators and artwork are becoming.

ERROR ERROR ERROR is a metaphor for politicians in Suriname. I am convinced: this psychological state will lead future leaders to understand that one can act in such a way that others are given room to grow. You are most definitely welcome to participate!

just POSSESSED | 2018, Suriname

Panel 2

In 2017, I authored the book From a Dead Man. In a dream, I created a nonexisting manual! This book explores the life of Theo Masrakaba, a psychopath who predicted to be president of Suriname from 2025 to 2030 and die in 2037. When I interacted with Theo, I became inspired to perform for future leaders of Suriname combining Theo’s predictions and Tumpi’s performances. 

From a Dead Man reflects the part of my art practice regarding my behavior as a performer (as the “Tumpi Flow” performance persona), and the diaries of Theo Masrakaba. When I met Theo he had developed several diaries to become “the negro bible”. It is this pursuit the book focuses on participation based on the adage ‘I’ do not exist.

Panel 3


Results of the concept I kroywara I, that pushed me somewhere are:

MISSION 21 (2018)PUR BLAKA (2017) | NYUN STEN (2016)

The idea I kroywara I – when I walk with you, you walk with I – is about respect. It promotes serving each other as far as we can. This concept, that also demonstrates participation, promotes the cooperation of opposites. It can be considered such as the Maya say ‘Inlakech: you are a another me and I am another you’.

Panel 4


Created in Mexico after a visit to Museo de Arte Moderno de Mexico where work of the Arp Foundation inspired into interesting conversations.

When leaving Suriname with colored papers, the plan was to do something with children in Cusco, Peru. While still on the way, a child started to play. Spontaneously it gave other children what came out of the process.