Causes of problems are my fascination.  My interest in engaged research, and focus on complex challenges, finds expression in a dance between subjectivity and agency.

Video Credits: Jurgen Lisse, 2010

I am a Certified Intuitive Coach.  As student at the “Academy for Counseling and Coaching in Suriname” (ACC) I focus on creativity, to stimulate and promote sustainable development. I am also an IRCA Certified Lead Auditor for ISO 9001 & ISO 14001. In this role I evaluate and rate management systems. Over a decade, I have been involved with design, implementation and maintenance of quality assurance systems. My career started at JCI Suriname. I was a member between 2002 – 2014, and have learned how to work together to create positive change, while working on personal development as well. This organization offered me opportunities in the areas: individualism, community, internationalism and business development.

Religion and science should be transformed. From my perspective both have become problematic. To face this challenge, I use the arts. By 2020 I am participating internationally.

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