On November 22nd, 2020, NET ‘ALENG: You Are NOT Invited! manifested. Title is inspired by the song Net’ Aleng (Suripop Festival of Suriname in 1994), written by Rein Carrot.

In event, co-curated with Rinaldo Klas, EdKe appears as changeable and transformable. In other words, manifestation of this artist took place through:

  • Ada Korbee
  • Alida Neslo
  • Andrea Keays
  • Audry Wajwakana 
  • Britny Riebeek
  • Dakaya Lenz
  • Dave Simson
  • Dèborah Sjak-Shie
  • Dieter Benjamin
  • Digenahro Neyhorst
  • Dhiradj Ramsamoedj
  • Fabian de Randamie
  • Iraida Kowee
  • Kurt Nahar
  • Maikel Austen
  • Miguel’s parents 
  • Nalini Mahesh
  • Orpheo Robert
  • Paul de Jong
  • Purcy Tjin
  • Raynell Vorswijk
  • Rinaldo Klas
  • Senobia Klassie
  • Shaundell Horton
  • Students Academy for Counseling and Coaching
  • Xavier Biekman
  • Zerahja Dest

NET ‘ALENG: You Are NOT Invited! is the final manifestation of five events. It follows MISSION 21: Where young people and artists come together (2018), SPONTANE|US (2016), SHEMACHO: I challenge I (2012), and NEGROWHITE: Identity & Image (2010).

For An Other to exist, encountering others is necessary, and why EdKe exists. As event of abundant love and compelling contradictions, this manifestation includes installations as life-like art; related to a pedagogy to avoid polarizing politics. In pursuit of creating this ‘solo’ show, spectators were co-producers.

This exhibition was made possible financially, thanks to:
CATAPULT Stay Home Artist Residency, awarded to Miguel Keerveld;
A Caribbean Arts Grant developed by Kingston Creative (Jamaica) and Fresh Milk (Barbados); 
funded by the US Friends of Jamaica | The AFJ (US)
De HAL, Paramaribo
Nilsprint N.V., Paramaribo