“To die, is to become invisible.”

Dying for Ideas: The dangerous Lives of the Philosophers by Costica Bradatan

I kroywara I

I use the arts to perform and define interactive philosophy. This focus is a concept of limited damage with long-term effects and relates to the culture/nature equilibrium. The process consists of five exhibitions with focus on dialectic. First, in 2010 as contrast. Second, in 2012 as harmony. Third, in 2016 as synergy. Fourth, in 2018 as symbiosis. Finally, in 2020 as synthesis.

My inspiration comes from the term and practice ‘koiwara’ of the Kaliña, a Caribbean indigenous community. This technology is a ritual in which fire is used in agriculture processes. First, for the general preparation ‘moshiro’, that involves everyone. Thereafter, ‘koiwara’ follows – a family ritual executed by mothers and children, in which wood piles of insufficiently burned tree trunks and branches are re-burned. Inspired by event’s significance to nature, culture, and networks, I translate ‘koiwara’ into I kroywara I: a performative structure that entangles a diversity of technologies.

I refer to this conversation as I kroywara I: I walk with you, you walk with I. This discourse is an incomplete ‘sculpture’ aiming to ‘rewrite’ violent through creative documentation as encounters with the Other – which can lead to pragmatic, emotional, and ethical tension. To transform this tension into strength, I focus on the communal. 

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